Thursday, November 27, 2008

And so it was...

If life were like an old movie, this is what our day would have looked like.

We woke up and ate banana cinnamon scones and drank black coffee, watched movies, peeled apples, baked pies, washed dishes, completed a few crossword puzzles, remembered our decorations in the closet, unpacked said decorations, cut, pasted, and created even more, strung lights, ate mashed potatoes and stuffing, chatted via web cam with family and a very sleepy new baby, held ornaments with so much excitement and hope that we almost went out right then to find a tree, baked the most amazing chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting, drank cherry cola, turned off all the overhead lights, grinned at how much happiness can be found in a string of green wire with tiny bulbs pinned around a window, made lists of things we're grateful for, took showers and promptly put pajamas back on, admired our handmade garland and then restrung it so the taller of us wasn't constantly hitting his head, and tried to nap midday but failed due to unencumbered giggling.

I huffed a little when it was time for Andrew to go in for work, and I'm not too proud to tell you that I may have cried a little too, but he's got all day tomorrow, which is a rarity around here, and although half of it will be spent on schoolwork (for me), we've got a plan for a little Christmas crafting that I'm pretty excited about. The transition here has had its rough moments, so we've decided to go all out this season and celebrate the blues away. I'm one wreath and a strand of garland down, with a village of lit paper houses in the works this weekend.

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