Monday, January 19, 2009

Things Change

I should begin with this: I've always loved libraries. The smell, the quiet, the pencil marks and crinkly plastic book covers; the library and I have been friends for a very long time. What's changed is this: the library and I have become more than friends - we've become family.

As I near another birthday I find myself, as always, contemplating what's changed about the Brandy I knew and the Brandi I know. Specifically, I've been thinking about the things that make me happy- really happy- and I can't help but notice that trips to the mall and new shades of glittery, opaque eyeshadow have been replaced by a box Raisin Nut Bran cereal and a trip to the library. The cereal, I know, might seem the most out of place, but at almost $6 a box, it's like gold around here, seldom purchased, but quite possibly more exciting to wake up to than a slice of leftover cake.

But, I digress, the library, the library is where I meant to be with this thought. It really has eveything to do with our proximity, the fact that in less than two minutes I can be out of our front door and inside the library with no more than my ususal quick step. It also has everything to do with the fact that when you are lucky enough to be limited by your budget, you are able to see how truly fantastic a resource that treasure chest of books can be. I can't think of anything more delightful than sitting at home thinking about the way an octopus looks in a film only to go not to Google (though, what a wonderful resource that can be), but next door the the library to pick up a book on the subject, another film, and an audio recording. And then, while I'm there, weaving my way through the isles back towards the door, I spot a book with a particularily lovely blue color filled with poems about art, which leads me to a book on a favorite artist, a collection of prints, to another artist, another collection, their writings, and so on and on, and well, there sometimes seems to be no end, but there's always a time to leave and what better a way then with an entire stack of books and such for free! A visit to the library becomes a conversation of sorts between what I wanted to know and what I find out every time I walk through those doors.

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K A R I™ said...

I heart the library too. Everytime Lucas gets into some new thing or a new holiday runs around I check our every possible book on that subject and usually the stack of "new" books only last a day or two before we devour them together and we return them for new treasures.