Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, People

So, to really tell this story, I should start with my mom.  And maybe, if I didn't value her privacy so much, I would start with the tales of some of her "choice" boyfriends in the past.  I would tell you, if I weren't so respectful, about Cracker Barrel men and clueless idiots, married men dumb enough to think you could keep anything from my mother (you can't, Ive tried), old ones, young ones, oh, people, I could go on, but I won't, except for to say that it's a little like Goldilocks, only she has red hair and most likely hates porridge.  What I'm getting at is, she's in a "just right" situation - you know the type - when something's not just fantastic because you stumbled upon it, but because you lived life a little, tried a few things, and low and behold, found a winner; she found something just right.  Is it possible to underestimate how absolutely incredible "just right" is?  Maybe.  But my mom, she's too smart for that, and finally, she's holding tight to one, the best one, there- I said it.  

So, with that little bit under your belt, you're ready for this:  Things have been a little scattered since the move.  Times are tough for everyone all over the country and well, life just isn't as smooth as it might be nice for it to be.  And, if you'll allow me to get petty for a moment, my laptop died.  My love, my child, that little white travelling companion, she passed away. It was not pretty around here.  I can't tell you how much work I did out and about on that thing - coffee shops, libraries, parks.  

Here's where we tie things together a bit:  Mr. Just Right, Mr. I Cook, Clean, and Cuddle, Mr. Fantastic, well, he one-upped us.  He sent me, with my mother's help, this amazing laptop for my birthday.  My stomach is still in knots thinking about it, that someone not obligated to love and care for me and my well-being would put so much effort into something so thoughtful and perfect.  Not only does he listen to my babble, read and comment on this babble, and make my mom laugh in ways I haven't heard her laugh in years, but he sent me a laptop.  A laptop.  

Oh, people, it's the gift, and so much more than the gift.  Or, it's the laptop, and so much more than the laptop.  it's the funny stories and the hope of whale watching, the love of dogs and the patience with life's ups and downs, it's watching someone love my mother.  That, in itself, is the best gift.  This laptop is just frosting.  

My body is surging with possibility and hopeful energy.  I'm humbled by what family means and how grateful I am to have one.  27 is going to be a good year.


barton said...

i really hope you're right about 27 being a good year.

kenneth's lady friend said...

happy 27 my dear brandi! i wish i could throw you the best party. (a laptop really is the best present ever.)