Sunday, July 19, 2009


So, that balance I was talking about...I thought it might be time to offer up a little visual reminder to myself, mostly, of the good bits that put those pouty moments into perspective.

An interesting and lovely silver chain purchased for $1 when we stopped into the antique down the street at the end of a sunny walk.
The way the light comes in the kitchen window as the sun begins to set in the evening.
Our basil plant still alive and kicking.
The recipe for banana bread tacked up on the fridge, followed gracefully by a pretty fantastic husband.
This little lady we picked up a few weeks ago in a little town nearby - she reminds big me of little me.
A fantastic Danish modern desk chair for $1.50 (it was marked $3, but the lady at the register gave us 50% off - we love her) at the Goodwill to replace my IKEA one that ended its life by splitting on each side just enough to pinch my tooshie in its red plastic grips of death.


TednLisa said...

Love the little lady. And the new chair

K A R I™ said...

you always find the best stuff. I keep meaning to get in touch with my inner thrift store goddess but keep forgetting.