Sunday, August 30, 2009

Questions, Questions

I am terrible, just terrible, at responding to blog memes that are sent to me. Terrible. It's even worse than those last wedding thank you notes I still haven't mailed, ugh, I know, but really, it's worse because I responded to the email request with a date. A date! What was I thinking? I am quite possibly the world's least reliable blogger when it comes to steady posting and I'm going to promise a date for answering questions that will most likely take me months to answer, revise, answer again, decide what I wrote isn't publishable, even on a somewhat insignificant blog, revise, answer, and well, you get the point - I missed that date and the three moths after it. So, Natalie, I'm sorry it is so late, but as a peace offering, I give you the above photos (please excuse the quality as I do not have a scanner at home) which prove, once and for all, that I cannot blame my mother for any of the oddities I display as an adult simply because of my childhood, because although she did adorn my medically documented large head with a yellow and white sweatband for photos, when it came my turn to get ready for snapshots, I took scissors to bangs in what would later become a tradition of personal beauty makeovers before large life events. The point is, striped terry cloth head decor or not, I have done a pretty good job of embarrassing myself over the years without any help from others.

So, to answer your questions.....

1. Where does your blog title come from? This poem.
2. What is your favorite word? Haimish - it's Yiddish for homey, cozy, unpretentious
3. What was your best Halloween costume? For those of you who hear me babble in "real" life, you already know, my best and worst was in the 4th grade when I went as a Picasso painting. Think homemade shift dress to look like a little cubist with blocks of colored fabric, and face paint used to doodle and extra eye or nose on my cheeks. The other kids loved it too - they asked if I'd dressed up as trash. Yeah, trash.
4. What did you want to be when you grew up? According to my Lisa Frank gumball diary? An Art History Professor and a Preacher on the weekends. Of course later there was a Pediatrician, a Marine Biologist, and too many more to count.
5. What is your guilty pleasure? Trick question. I feel guilty about everything. Seriously, maybe the Slim Jims, although it's been years. My Slurpee habit could run a close second.
6. What are you listening to? The couple outside argue about who's turn it is to water the plants - one more minute of hearing them bicker and it's going to be mine. That, and Dolly Parton.
7. Fictitious character who made a lasting impression on you? Just one? Ramona Quimby.
8. Cup half empty or half full? Full, then empty, then full, then empty, then full again, but worried it might be emptied
9. Any pet peeves? Ha! Right now everyone that has spent any amount of time with me is sitting back, grabbing a cup of tea and bracing for the onslaught that is, "Things That Drive Me Nuts." Instead, I'll choose: people that say "you have to...." No, no I don't.
10. Favorite time of day? Early morning, especially if I have the day off.
11. What time did you get up this morning? 3:30, 4ish, 7:15, and finally, 7:26


Riley said...

Adorable! I would never call you trash.

K A R I™ said...

Those pictures of you are seriously too much. So stinking cute... and I am in tears... because I am crazy and my child is starting school for the first time in a few hours and soon he will take little posed pictures like that... and... and... and... brain over load.

Brandi and Chelle's mom said...

To Kari,
The very best school pictures, the ones you will love the most are the ones you let them dress themselves for. That picture of Brandi in the sweetband? She was playing outside, I had to go K-mart to get something, she had kool-aid on her face, she had put on the sweetband herself, it was her fathers.I saw the photo guy and thought, why not!

Yellow said...

I put it on my head?! Oh, lordy be, that might change this whole path....=)

K A R I™ said...

Brandi's Mom,

Thanks for sharing the story behind the picture and for that advice!

Chelsea said...

If you had one of those stalker maps, there would be AT LEAST two dots per day from Scotland. I'm just saying...