Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips on Cupcake Baking

For Chelsea

Just in case you've seen this recipe, and you've thought to yourself, "Hmmm... that sounds good, I should try it," here are a few tips:

1. There is a lot of softened butter and cream cheese involved. Don't put one stick on the windowsill and think you're okay - you'll lose a day.

2. Don't be fooled by the many different soy/wheat/teff/bread flours you've managed to collect in your cupboard and assume you have cake flour - you'll lose a day.

3. Don't eat of half of the sliced peaches you have pre-prepped on the counter or the one finished cupcake you share with a friend will be devoid of peaches. A peach cupcake with no peaches is weird.

4. Don't ice the batch of them after a bottle of wine out with a friend or the following might happen:

-you move too quickly and make messy swirls
-you drop one only to catch it after it's smeared frosting down your black dress
-you decided to lick said frosting off your black dress because no one else is home
-you remember your kitchen has huge open windows
-you remember you have new neighbors across the way
-your new neighbors like to star gaze out their bedroom window
-their bedroom window faces your kitchen window
-your first interaction with said neighbors includes your dress pulled up to your face while you remove said frosting

5. Don't use those sustainable brown recycled cupcake liners because they always peel off slightly and when you take the cupcakes to work the next day your co-workers will think you've been into the batch.

6. Don't sprinkle what you believe to be nutmeg on one for a photo shoot only to find out the hard way that you picked up the chili powder.

Otherwise, these cupcakes are light, lovely, and the perfect way to put to use all those peaches currently in season.


Zach said...

Best. Post. Ever.

I had a lovely time tonight! And thank you for the delicious cupcake; even without the peaches, it was delicious.

Ashley said...

This makes me miss you. And want cupcakes. And feel a little scared for your new neighbors.

Meghan said...

This made me want to BE your neighbour. Because I would've done the same thing. So, had I seen you, I wouldn't have judged you at all. I would've waved heartily and smiled and given you a thumbs up.

Brilliant post. As always.

Yellow said...

Zach, I had fun, too! What's ironic is the first cupcake I bit into at mean, the only cupcake, had a ton of peaches. Ashley, don't even get me started on who misses who, and you should be scared for them as I've just discovered they can most likely hear my early morning rendition of Dolly Parton's hit song, 9 to 5. Meghan, we could only be neighbors if you let me come and sit in Loretta while you work - just the thought of it gives me one more reason (besides you, Mom) to go home and visit.

hannah banana said...

my favorite post.

Chelsea said...

Wow, I suppose all my stalking has paid off now. Especially since Zach had already told me you were making this as I was fantasizing about making a peach creme fraiche pie.

And this is why I always do my baking in private. Because sampling CAN turn awkward when other people are around, even if it's just through the window.

your friend said...

oh goodness, i miss you. it is funny i read this now because i just finished getting into the brown sugar, peach muffins i made yesterday. i might have five today. who am i kidding, i totally did.

K A R I™ said...

So I think I just found out that Lucas is no longer allergic to peaches at the perfect time!

Glad I'm not the only one that has had spice accidents... said the girl that once added cumin to french toast thinking it was cinnamon.