Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh, oh

I just spilled an entire latte on the couch and myself. On my way to get another towel I tripped on the stack of student papers I've yet to comment on, and remembered I still needed to blog. On the way to the camera, set to find something decent to photograph, something good and not covered in coffee, I noticed the Snapdragons, the ones I almost didn't buy, the little extravagance I thought I could do without. Tonight, on the verge of a very long and heavy week, those little pink buds feel like magic, necessary magic. Deep breath, short pause, begin again.


Chelsea said...

I'm sad that you lost your latte, which is such a necessary component of a good Sunday! But, those snapdragons...lovely!

hannah banana said...

snap dragons are one of my favorite flowers. I'm glad you bought them too!

It was really quite lovely chatting with you last night. I know I was a bit of a grumpy bugger, but it was nice to catch up with you a bit.

I was thinking, two things that always brighten my spirits are creative projects and mail. I would love to re-instate our package exchange. I know you're busy, so it could be a little less ambitious than last time. thoughts?