Sunday, February 21, 2010

freshly sharpened pencils
yellow daisies painted on china
doodles from my students - taped above my desk
this line: "Death is the mother of beauty," and
this one: "The day is like wide water, without sound," and really,
all of Wallace Stevens
yellowed paperbacks with green or red edged pages
iced lattes with a smidge of vanilla
tiny gifted cloth strawberries smelling of citrus
pale green rubber bands
getting lost in a new book
bookmarks - new ones, old ones
brown kraft paper
Melville's comment of "thought-divers" - "I love all men who dive-"
Lego calendars
mason jars full of a rainbow of markers
the possibility of all those colors
orange scented lip balm
ginger snaps
Agnes Varda and Susan Sontag together
postage stamps, always postage stamps,
miniature bone china horses
scones with plum jam
.18mm pens
the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack
this song on repeat
snail mail
packages that just keep unfolding with lovely treats
pale yellow post-its
roasted cauliflower
almond cookies
Encyclopedia Brown mysteries
surprise visits from my husband during his break from work
paneer pakora
and while we're at it, mango lassi
corn dogs and fries made by old men in suspenders
origami boxes
sweaters with leather buttons
cherry coke slurpees
wedding bands
faux bois
mustard yellow mugs


Chelsea said...

I'm totally ashamed to admit I haven't seen Fantastic Mr Fox yet...but after that adorable video, I'm inspired to add it to our LoveFilm (the UK equivalent of Netflix) queue.

Brandi and Chelle's mom said...

I love that you put links in your post. Checking them out makes the whole experience last longer.

shari said...

ooh. such a great list!

K A R I™ said...

oh how I love lists... and you always seem to make the best lists

it is heather said...

oh, lists. they are my favorite. you know that though.