Sunday, April 25, 2010

String Theory

From other
angles the
fibers look
fragile, but
not from the
spider's, always
hauling coarse
ropes, hitching
lines to the
best posts
possible. It's
heavy work
fighting sag,
winching up
give. It
isn't ever
to live.

-Kay Ryan, "Spiderweb"

As National Poetry Month winds to a close, I've been thinking of these lines, mulling over their deceptive simplicity. I wanted to share them here, just in case you fall into the same trap I do - the trap of believing that a life lived well is clean, simple, delicate. Every once in a while I like the idea of championing the work of it, the scaffolding, the mess of it at times.


shari said...

thank you for sharing this. i'm reading the aimee bender book now and enjoying it so much.

K A R I™ said...

What is that yellow flower called?