Friday, October 15, 2010

Believed to be Beautiful: A Day Off

I know, I know, household beautiful, those were my rules, but having already broken them once with the work doodle, and really, being my own boss, I decided that rule breaking is really fitting for a day off.

On the schedule:
Waking up early and surprising Andrew with a packed lunch and scrambled eggs with Virginia ham and sharp cheddar, a treat of coffee from Andrew who ran out and pick up a perfect latte to sustain me long enough to lounge the early morning away, a phone chat with my mother about her impending graduation!, a long shower outfitted with new conditioner, enough time to place a thin-thickish line of jet black liner on my lids and really, enough time to talk myself out of it and then into it again, a green scarf wrapped and knotted around my neck, tall cognac colored boots thumping on the pavement on the way to the corner coffee shop, one triple latte and a seat by the sun, a cell phone photo when all other gadgets are forgotten, lunch at the museum cafe and a seat outside near the sculpture to enjoy my new book, cleaning the apartment, preparing dinner and a special dessert, grocery shopping for necessary supplies (apple streusel cake is necessary, right?), making plans with the hubby for a Saturday of apple picking and movie watching.

It's really, really beautiful.

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Chelsea said...

Ohhhh, this sounds perfect! Black Drop!!