Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Believed to be Beautiful: Teeny Tiny

This one is an awkward shot, scanned in from film, cropped in awkward ways by what was mostly likely hurried and unsteady hands. The teeny tiny deer, bone china horse, and fishing gnome were all gifts from people I love. I give them each new stories each time I bend down to the shelf where they live. I should be honest and tell you that they were, after this roll of film was shot, joined by two small pink pigs, one itsy bitsy white mouse with his cheese, a tiny hippopotamus, and uniquely minuscule Donald and Daisy Duck, joined by an equally teeny Goofy. There's no use for them other than pure childlike joy, but I believe them to be beautiful with their tiny painted details (most of which are off-center), and their ability to remind me that small and silly is worth it - every time.


Brandi and Chelle's mom said...

Now where did you get this love for tiny things?

Chelsea said...

So adorable. I love it.