Monday, September 22, 2008

Check, Check, Check

That slight clicking you hear in your ear?  Why, that would be the happy little hum of me ticking off things from my "to do" list.  Setup office and dining room space?  Check.  Ride the bus?  Check.  Without having a panic attack?  Check.  Return library books on time?  Check, check, check.

Ah, the feeling of success - even the little ones are needed now and then.  The apartment is finally coming together.  There are still a few stacks - namely to the side of my desk where my crafty items will live once Andrew has a desk in place and I reclaim the green table.  I thought about going in and fiddling with the photos a bit to tone down some of the light coming in from the windows, but that is exactly what it's like in the afternoon, so I decided to leave them as is.

My cold is getting better, mostly depending on my remembrance of medication, tea, and cough drops.  The sound of sniffling is the current apartment soundtrack.  Lovely.  

Back to the bus - we rode it!  I know, it sounds simple and silly, and about as juvenile to worry over as getting the id card or pass, but people, I was a wreck.  That is why, being the good husband that he is, Andrew volunteered to take a trial run trip with me tonight before I was forced on my own tomorrow for a grad meeting on campus.  First, everyone was very friendly. There were lots of thanks to the driver, lots of young men moving for older women to sit down, conversation between strangers - I have never seen more people introduce themselves to one another in a twenty minute span of time before in my life.  It took about 10 minutes longer than by car, but cheaper with the price of gas these days, and without having to battle the traffic on one's own.  Really, what I want to say is, I CAN READ THE ENTIRE TIME!  Oh, the joys of not driving (although, I don't really do the driving here anyway - sorry Andrew).  So, to sum it up, it still makes me a bit nervous, but I love it.  

Once again, there's so much more!'s time for rest, tomorrow will be busy - more buses to ride! 


Anonymous said...

the house looks great. make sure you have a place for me to sleep in case i can't take it here any longer and come to live with you guys. haha.

K A R I™ said...

I would have been scared to ride the bus the first time too! What a thoughtful husband you have to ride the bus with you!

Y'alls place looks great! (So I'm guessing you don't hear that first word a lot where you live)