Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. The bus travels on the route to campus much, much quicker than to the mall.
  2. If you insist on freaking out and leaving extremely early for campus, you will arrive extremely early looking like a duck in the desert.
  3. If you put a warm muffin in your already overstuffed bag, it will be muffin granola by the time you reach school.
  4. You can take coffee on the bus as long as it has a lid - oh, such a blessed vessel.  
  5. When the weather channel website says it is 39 degrees outside and feels likes 39 degrees outside, don't scoff - believe it.
  6. The girl in shiny black strappy corset with more mascara on than you wore through your entire high school career does not want you to smile and say "HI!" in a high pitched tone.  She most likely hopes you get this message from her intense stare.
  7. Do not put your medicine and cough drops at the bottom of the bag - you will look homeless taking all of your "necessities" out onto the bench before finding what you really need.
  8. If you have been sick, and are still sick with lots of sneezing, coughing, and other various yuckiness, do not sit outside the building your meeting is in just because you're early and too chicken to go in alone.  Get your butt inside!
and so I will...


Anonymous said...

lists are probably one of my favorite things to read anywhere. this was increadibly funny. 39 degrees!! holy crap!!

Kirsten said...

This list makes me laugh.