Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning

Last night we unpacked at a frenzied pace because we all but promised ourselves to have the basics of the house in their places by Sunday evening.  Of course, after undoing the last bit of the kitchen boxes we realized that those umm... forty or so boxes left over...yeah, those are all books, so right now the pressure is on to find homes for the bookshelves and get busy unloading the texts.  

I posted a few more detail shots of the kitchen on my flickr account so you can see, even if it isn't as beautiful in real life, the tops of the mantles, the full built-in shelf that connects the room, and for reasons that elude me now, the tops of a few appliances.  

This morning we walked to the coffee shop on the corner so that I could jot out a quick post, and as soon as I'm done we're heading back to the apartment to grab our bikes and head a few blocks over to the farmer's market.  I'm really looking forward to some fresh fruit and local eggs.  

I have so much more to write, but Andrew's beginning to sigh heavily and the breeze coming through the open door is beckoning me outside, so it will have to wait until later.  Maybe by then I'll have more pictures of finished rooms....

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