Thursday, September 11, 2008

Washing Dishes

I'm not sure what it is about our rentals and that certain splash of teal we find in the kitchens, but when I went to wash the dishes yesterday I opened the blind to welcome in some sunlight and low and behold...teal!  I love it, I do, but if you ever saw our kitchen in Savannah, you'd understand why it made me chuckle just a bit.

If you're still stuck on the fact that I said I did the dishes, it's the cool weather, friends.  I mean it, a cool breeze makes anything easier.  Before you know it I'll be doing my own laundry, and at that point, well, I don't know what I'll need to keep Andrew around for anymore.  Seriously though, I do think I was made for this climate.  The only thing it's not very helpful with is unpacking.  I unwrap a dish, take a walk, unpack a few boxes, take a trip to the library, and on and on....and well, we're still at a standstill with just an *almost* finished kitchen and the game closest.  

We didn't make it to the sunset last night and we won't get out there tonight either b/c there's an outdoor showing of The Big Lebowski.  $5 gets you a ticket and popcorn.  The Dude, popcorn, and cool air...count us in.  

On the same street as the donut shop I've been raving about are about 4 or 5 antique shops. Outside of one of the smaller ones is a sign that offers espresso and $.50 popcorn.  If I had been carrying my camera I would have snapped a shot of it to show you how perfectly it represents a lot of what I've seen in this city.  Espresso is everywhere - antique shops, hardware stores, gas stations, drive through espresso huts.  When I say espresso I do not mean a machine that buzzes and churns and spits out hot, watery coffee scented liquid.  When they say espresso, they mean the real thing.  Sure, some is better than others, but no matter where you go, it's available to you.  Ok, opening up the coffee discussion makes me want to get into the best lattes ever, the fact that latte art is a rule and not a happenstance, and that it's cheaper - cheaper!  

But there isn't enough time, and most likely not enough interest for me to spend pages waxing on about caffeinated beverages, so instead I'll end with this wrap of of the week through Thursday:

I love crispy tofu as much as I thought I would, brussel sprouts are good on either coast, people that leave the bar down the street from our apartment at 2AM are crazy, I worry about being caught in the aisles of the library holding books up to my face to smell those old, yellowing pages, a trip to the free book shelves in the library can heal most any stress, I should stop planning what to do the next day - it never happens, I've realized I can push through most anything that scares me, and I am still shocked everyday as I enter the coffee shops and none of the young men are wearing girl's jeans.


heather said...

awww. today is the dude. :( i could have worn my maude costume!!! i am jealous!! i also need to talk to you. i will call this weekend.

Irby said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your post throughout your journey out west and the adaption into your new environment. The way you can just paint such a vivid but lighthearted minds eye picture into your experiences is just amazing to me. Sharing your experiences with us allows us to take that journey with you! Keep them coming........... BTW - Loved your "Paper Dolls' paper!!!!!