Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To Do Lists

Currently, my to-do lists are a little out of control, heavy with lofty items like:  unpack apartment, find part-time job, figure out the local bus system, learn how to get around in our new city, and, of course, meet people.  

But friends, in our household, we have priorities.  We know how to unpack with care and purpose, how to choose what rooms/items are next based on need.  Behold the game closet. Priorities, people, priorities.  We may not have clothes hanging properly, or a couch with cushions in the room where it will eventually live, but by god people, we have a game closet. Move over Royal Tenenbaums, the Thompsons are in town.  

In all honesty, most of the kitchen has now been unpacked and vegetable soup has been lovingly prepared on that scary little gas stove.  For the record, I kicked its butt.  The oven and I have an appointment for later this week with a plan for rosemary crackers and some banana bread.

I registered for classes this morning and I feel so official I can barely stand to be near myself. Last night Andrew and I went for drinks with a few of my new classmates and I nerded it up with talk of Lyotard, homosocial behavior, and the state of modern short fiction.  People, it was a little like a cup of coffee that refills itself as you work.  Heaven.  

Tonight we're headed out to watch that sunset we missed last night.  I'm making crispy tofu and cream braised brussel sprouts for dinner, and I think we've just a few dollars left in change that we'll stop by here and get a scoop to go, then head down to the water with a thermos of hot chocolate, three cameras, a blanket, and two scarves, because the nights are getting very cool.  

Also, for kicks... mi casa:

We're on the left side, halfway back, with our apartment running from one side to the other (Our back steps are on the right side). There's an open space in the middle of the building/complex, and that's why one side of our apartment is filled with windows in the living room and kitchen.


heather said...

wow!! i am so proud of you for going out with your classmates! you are a brave little toaster!! i am glad you had a good time.

Irby said...

Looks like you guys are doing just great! I am just so happy for you and very envious. It appears that all your efforts to achieve your dreams will not go unrewarded. I can only imagine the feeling of having my life out in front of me and all my dreams within reach. You guys just keep pushing forward because you are almost there. The hard part is over!!!!!

Kirsten said...

I'm so jealous. Nice weather, fun things to do, starting school. Sigh.

hannah banana said...

may I please reiterate how delighted that you are on the west coast? I am not at all surprised but very much excited to hear that you are settling in to life in Bellingham, and hopefully will get a chance to see you soon! I think I'm coming through town sometime later this month. I'll email you with all the details, but until then, Kudos m'dear, kudos.

K A R I™ said...

So which class did you end up picking?