Saturday, November 15, 2008


  1. cardigan sweaters
  2. old library books
  3. clear, crunchy plastic book covers
  4. tiny envelopes
  5. coffee in the evening
  6. 1980 Dell Yearling Editions of Beverly Cleary Books
  7. glass jars with metal lids
  8. Andrew Paul Thompson (aka, Noodle)
  9. The Gleaners and I
  10. Pipi Longstocking
  11. photos of objects that don't initially seem important
  12. scraps of old newspaper in books
  13. other people's lists found on the ground
  14. soft lined paper with aged, yellowed edges
  15. apples
  16. muted colors
  17. lavender and pine sachets
  18. names scrawled inside old paperback books
  19. masking tape
  20. coffee/tea dates
  21. aisles in the library
  22. sharp pencils
  23. cold weather
  24. utilitarian stamps
  25. silverware patterns
  26. peeling fruit
  27. M&M (K)
  28. old picture dictionaries
  29. NPR
  30. rolodex
  31. harvest colored tupperware
  32. the smell of granola in the oven
  33. tiny spoons
  34. cherry cola
  35. semicolons
  36. brown ink pads
  37. yellow
  38. orange
  39. miniature plastic figures
  40. gummy worms and gin rummy before bed
  41. night walks
  42. paper that crinkles when you fold it
  43. bicycles with baskets
  44. jaguar sharks
  45. thrift stores
  46. grandmothers
  47. other people's recipe books
  48. yellow legal pads
  49. snail mail
  50. postage stamps
  51. puzzles with odd, detailed images
  52. pyrex
  53. lattes in large mugs with artful foam
  54. board games
  55. knee socks
  56. stickers
  57. polaroid pictures
  58. fountain pens
  59. brand new boxes of crayons
  60. large maps
  61. packing for trips
  62. fresh laundry
  63. a well-packed lunch
  64. typewriters
  65. library book cards (names and dates)
  66. cookie jars
  67. pocket doors
  68. cold, soft, cotton pillow cases
  69. the blue room
  70. lists
  71. my father's handwriting
  72. the comfort of my mother's (terrible) handwriting
  73. malachite green
  74. my sister's laugh
  75. crossword puzzles
  76. red nail polish
  77. extremely spicy food
  78. speaking in front of crowds
  79. the coral necklace that my mother wore to church
  80. notes passed during inappropriate times
  81. scones with strawberry jam
  82. glass Christmas ornaments
  83. wooden hangers
  84. butter shaped like flowers
  85. hot chocolate with marshmallows
  86. sending unexpected packages
  87. hand stitching
  88. stripes
  89. long, slow grocery trips
  90. finding snippets of old wallpaper in/under cabinets
  91. the sound of packing tape tearing off a box
  92. the two year old version of "question" - "squestion"
  93. an unused Sharpie
  94. Brinner
  95. avocados
  96. whales
  97. soft blue cotton ribbon
  98. the odd clanking of old radiators
  99. colorful leaves on the ground
  100. knowing how important it is to have things in life worth taking note of...


heather said...

oh, how amazing are lists?! even if there were things that i did not love before the way that you love them makes it exciting enough for me to love them. i wish we were having brinner together right now.

K A R I™ said...

I love lists too!!! The only thing better then the lists is when you are making a to-do list and you get to cross things off. I love that feeling of accomplishment!

barton said...


mom said...

I don't write that bad.........ok maybe I do.